View Full Version : QTableView and changing how a cell displays its contents

9th October 2009, 00:51
Hi, anyone worked with Oracle databases or binary database datatypes?

Im implementing a QTableview with a QSqlQueryModel which can potentially select tables with datatypes of RAW and BLOB/CLOB. QTableView displays these types with garbage, but I have a better idea on how to decode them and display them accordingly. How would one go about this?

In the mean time, I am rewriting this using a QTableWidget and QSqlQury and building in some caching and some performance tweaks in favour of more control over displaying my data. It's quite a bit of extra work and Im wondering if Im just wasting my time in lieu of an easier method with QTableView.

9th October 2009, 02:11
Ever heard of delegates?


9th October 2009, 11:18
Ever heard of delegates?

Only in passing, nothing which stood out to say 'look at me!!!' :)
Thanks, I'll check it out.