View Full Version : Using Scrollbar on mainwindow

9th October 2009, 12:36
Hi all,

How to add a scrollbar on mainwindow .. I tried using scrollbar area but its not working.
Please suggest..


9th October 2009, 21:26
put your widget inside a QScrollArea, and add that with QMainWindow::setCentralWidget();

if you can't get it working, show us some code

12th October 2009, 06:01
I tried implementing your idea but its not working may be i am not trying the right way...

Can I get a small piece of code just to show 10 buttons on a screen (or may be more) so that all buttons can't be displayed at a time and one can see them by scrolling the page..

Thanks in advance..

12th October 2009, 10:42
Now I am able to do that with help of QScrollArea.....:)

30th October 2010, 05:09
can you pls post ur project code it wud be helpfull for me .
even i am also facing da same problem ..
thanks in advance