View Full Version : A couple of questions - Custom Qt build / QGraphicsView for games

10th October 2009, 06:44
I have two questions both related to creating a game designer in Qt4 (although I doubt it'll ever be finished ...)

1. Is the Qt Graphics View framework suitable for 2D games? If you had a large map (say, 12800x12800) with various events, animations etc. (like a Final Fantasy RPG) would it be an OK speed (with some sort of anti-lag system) or would it just lag out?

(if the answer to the first question is no, I don't need to know this one)

2. With the LGPL/GPL version of Qt, could you create a custom build that would have only the classes you wanted in the DLLs to make them smaller? For example, could I have most of QtCore and a little of QtGui in one or two custom DLLs which I could then use in my projects like the normal ones? (The reason for this is that I don't want to distribute 8Mb of worthless DLL code with each game)
Edit: I was wondering if this would be a) possible and b) legal.