View Full Version : What does qap(QString) ???

11th October 2009, 14:30
I'm working on porting an old piece of Qt3-software to Qt4 and I see the expression

qap (QString)

everywhere. Can't find anything about it in the documentation.
Does anyone know what it does ?

11th October 2009, 15:24
I neither know such a function. Are you sure that this isn't a self defined global function or macro?

12th October 2009, 14:16
Ok, thanks, of course I checked that first, but couldn't find it.
I will re-check and follow all the external includes...urgh !

12th October 2009, 14:50
If you are using Qt Creator or Eclipse, you can just "CTRL" + "Leftclick" the function and it should take you to the Headerfile in wich the Function was declared.

Dont know if this works with other Development platforms.

(probably doesnt if you are using a plain old editor and compiling manualy :cool:)