View Full Version : ActiveQt - How can I hide an ActiveX control ?

11th October 2009, 21:57

I want to use a COM object to perform some backend calculations from my GUI. Since it is not a widget, I used QAxObject to set up the control. But this opens up the control application on the desktop. How can I make the control invisible ? ( Only the controlling GUI should be visible not any other application. )

Does this depend on the COM interface? Because I cant find a hide method in the QAxObject documentation.


11th October 2009, 22:04
IMHO use QWidget and QWidget::show()... and ::hide()

11th October 2009, 23:12
I tried that. I initialized the control as an instance of QAxWidget and tried hiding it but the application still appears on the desktop.

But the fact is I dont need QAxWidget, since the control object/application need not appear in my GUI. It is a computational backend. But users should not be able to interact with it.

I'm new to COM, so much of the interface functionality is very confusing for me. Is there a COM implementation to hide a server that ActiveQt can use?