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12th October 2009, 14:28

I'm using Qt 4.5.2 on Vista and I have an application to show images.
On my machine I can display .gif as well as .jpg and .png and so on.
If I make a release version and run the app on a other machine(without Qt installed),
I cannot view .gif any longer, but still can .jpg .png ....

I've already copied all dlls I could find to my release directory on usb-stick, but that didnt help..

What else can I do?

best regards

12th October 2009, 14:49
Try putting "qgif4.dll" in your app folder.
You can find it in. "\Qt\4.5.2\plugins\imageformats".

12th October 2009, 14:57
I've already tried, but it didnt help... thanks anyway

btw i realised that it isnt displaying .jpg too, only .png is viewable..

12th October 2009, 15:11
do you have QtSDK or self compiled Qt version? and create imageformats directory in your .exe dir and put right dlls (like qgif4.dll) in that directory

12th October 2009, 15:37
many, many thanks!! that worked - i needed to create the folder imageformats in my directory and put the dlls in there.

thank you

14th October 2009, 13:00
Now I have compiled the application static and I have the same problem again.
Neither adding imageformats folder nor adding the dlls to .exe directory solved...

Anyone an idea?