View Full Version : QFileDialog - will be closed after selecting a file

12th October 2009, 18:40

on Linux, Qt 4.5.2, i open a QFileDialog, select a file and at once the dialog will be closed.
No crash, get filename(s) as return value, it's equal if its a static or "normal" qfiledialog.
My problem, i added a preview to the filedialog and can't use it, because the dialog will be closed after select a file. Maybe a bug, because it's on my subclass and at the normal QFileDialog class ?

QFileDialog box;
QStringList fileNames;
if (box.exec())
fileNames = box.selectedFiles();

Thank you


18th October 2009, 17:49
I'd say this is because of your system setup. Is your system configured so that (in file manager) files are opened after clicking on them once or twice?