View Full Version : Newbie:cannot compile - moc'ing error

31st May 2006, 12:22
error i got under visual studio 2005

Error 1 error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Moc'ing addressbook.h..." AddressBook

After installing qt visual studio integration, setup build path(C:\Program Files\Trolltech\Qt VS Integration\bin), i cannot compile the gettign started sample which i copied from C:\Program Files\Trolltech\Qt VS Integration\samples\AddressBook

what gives?


31st May 2006, 12:46
Did you setup correct Qt installation dir (Qt itself, not the integration) in VS2005 Tools->Options->Qt->Builds?
Another considerable thing is, I think, the dir may not contain spaces..

1st June 2006, 07:55
Also look in properties of addressbook.h file