View Full Version : Looking for advice and a point in the right direction

19th October 2009, 14:53
Hi gang,

I am interested in creating a simple front-end gui that can launch different Qt applications. I have built a couple of small apps which run just fine on their own pulling data from the web. I wish to have a small window with a variety of icons I have created that will launch these apps.

I have been trying different things and have ended up going round in circles. Would it be recommended to use QProcess to launch ,y individual applications or is there a more suitable way of linking a gui to these programs?


19th October 2009, 15:29
What are the other approaches that you are hesitating to try (besides QProcess)?

I would try to use QProcess.

20th October 2009, 10:38
Well I was starting to think that I would just embedded the apps into the main code as opposed to having lots of little apps. I will bang on with QProcess, it's giving me problems at the moment but I will persevere and try and get it going.