View Full Version : Stylesheets Performance

20th October 2009, 18:22
Does anyone know if stylesheets are parsed everytime the associated objects are painted or whether there is some kind of compilation behind the scenes that takes place to improve performance (Eg. converting to byte code) ?

20th October 2009, 19:39
They are parsed only once upon being changed. At least it seems so based on empirical studies. But there is always the source code, feel free to check it out.

2nd February 2011, 12:34
This is an old-thread but to avoid misundertandings, I post here anyways

From an ongoing project we've drawn the conclusions that there is a significant run-time overhead when using stylesheets. At least it is a significant, very noticeably difference in how fast the widgets are painted on a relatively limited computer (1Ghz Intel Atom with integrated graphics chip)...

For more information please see: