View Full Version : A bug in window resize

20th October 2009, 23:52
In the file attached to this message there is a small demo application which tries to mimic how GoogleChrom works. The idea that when the window is maximized we don't really need the window borders and we can remove them to free more user space.

Howver, when maximizing the window, the window will toggle between 3 states, not 2
1) normal
2) maximized without border
3) pseudo full screen

This is triggeered by the resize() call, if commented out, the maximize/unmiximize
works as expected with 2 states. I can reproduce this over several Qt versions on Windows+Linux. Does anyone have a good work around for this?

23rd October 2009, 01:11
Can anyone reproduce this on their system? Just run the attached file and say "yes" or "no".

6th December 2009, 02:04
no problem on FC12 with gcc