View Full Version : QTreeView/WIdget questions

Mystical Groovy
21st October 2009, 23:39
Hey all

Ihave a qtreeview that displays the content of a dir..

first of all id like to know how to get these contents and save them into a textfile
and id like to know how to parse the contents of a file into qtreewidget.

thank you :)

22nd October 2009, 00:55
What did you already try?

Mystical Groovy
22nd October 2009, 13:35

although i read the docs a couple of times i really cant think any way to parse items of a qtreeview into a textfile and the parse the contents of another textfile into a qtreewidget/view

22nd October 2009, 13:39
Try the other part first. And if you have some specific questions, come back here and ask them. As for parsing, it depends how you save the data. In general there are loads of materials related to parsing data in the internet.