View Full Version : ".hlp" viewer

6th June 2006, 14:17
Is their any class available in Qt using which we can display and browse the ".hlp" files

Thanks in Advance,

6th June 2006, 14:47
Maybe if you tell us what ".hlp" files are, we'll be able to help you. But I guess there is no class in Qt which handles it out of the box, no matter what ".hlp" files are (maybe you mean ".chm" Windows help files?).

6th June 2006, 15:02
yes they are Windows help files

6th June 2006, 15:44
So are they "chm" (http://www.speakeasy.org/~russotto/chm/chmformat.html)? If so, I'm not sure, but I think Qt Assistant might be able to read them, so you could use its client library to display them (but you have to check that in the docs). QTextBrowser might be able to display them too, but it's a wild guess, so don't count on it too much.