View Full Version : Do you suggest to develop a videoplayer and notetaker with QT ?

13th November 2009, 20:07

You see the pic. On the left a video will be playing and on the right will be a text editör.
The user listens the video and take it's notes to text editör and save that notes as doc, pdf,txt whatever it wants, like inqScribe. The video can be avi, divx, maybe flv.

What are your suggestions about this project with QT. I know just C++ language, and when I ask my friends "what is the best programming languages and tech for this project ?" thay say c#,c++ winapi, c++ qt, java,silverlight!, I am a student and this project is my importan project. I just want to learn something when I am doing this project not doing in a week.

13th November 2009, 20:19
If your a student and this is one of your projects, then do it in a language you know and understand, something you are used to. Once it is complete you have plenty of time to learn other technologies. Don't try and do both at the same time. You might even have time to do it twice and then you can use whichever looks best, but at least you have a backup in case you fall into difficulties and unseen problems.

It's always interesting to learn new stuff, but don't do it when you have a deadline unless it is required for the job.

13th November 2009, 20:50
Yes there is a deadline. I probably have one month+ 15 days to devolop this project. and I know only C++, what dou you suggest to me winapi or qt ? if i prefer winapi to devolop this project Will it be too hard for me ?, or you say "forget winapi and use qt, you cant do a good and usefull program in 45 days" ? it's very hard to choose PL and tech for students like me (did little projects always :) ) :confused:

I don't know winapi or qt :)

13th November 2009, 21:33
Qt is definitely easier than WinAPI. If you don't know a GUI kit yet, then you can do far worse than Qt, like MFC for example (ugh. *spit*).

So I'd go with Qt, it's easier to learn. Just try not to go overboard. Keep it simple.

14th November 2009, 06:28
I understand, thx for replys