View Full Version : KD Chart zoom features

17th November 2009, 21:49
Hello gentlemen,

I'm now reviewing KDChart and was disappointed that they don't have good handy zoom features like "mouse drag-drop triggers zooming-in". I really need this feature and it looks that the only way to have this it to subclass say from KDChart::LineDiagram and implement the functionality by myself. This is true, but clearly they could have done this if they pretend to provide good chart library.

What do you think ? Probably they do have the functionality and I just could not find good examples...

Also, it would be great to understand how can I do mouse-diagrams interaction ? Say I need to understand what Bar or what part of Pie diagram was clicked by user.

Also, could you please advice if there is a KDChart users forum ?

Thanks alot in advance.

18th November 2009, 17:35

Is KD Chart really so unpopular so nobody can answer the question, or my question is just unclear ?