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21st November 2009, 10:14
Hi. I wrote up a simple little log file analysis program.
It is intended to produce runtime statistics for queries from a database, but it should be able to handle almost anykind of logfile as long as the log files contains lines with statements and the time it took to run the statement. These are extracted with regexp.

The goals is to produce graphs/etc to show the time it takes to run statements, to spot trends in running time and the number of times a statement is beeing run.

Tanuki-no Torigava
21st November 2009, 21:06
Where is the question I wonder? :)

22nd November 2009, 11:20
question? I thought this subform was a place to tell about your projects?

"Qt-based Software Qt Community applications — announcements and feedback. Post your projects here."

26th November 2009, 10:55
Yes it is.
But you forgot to put a link to your project, so we can see it ;)

28th November 2009, 08:40
:o :o :D

Ohh... here it is: http://code.google.com/p/pgloganalysis/