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11th June 2006, 12:50
hi, it happen me that after a simple declaration of variabile, when I launched my app, a bug error report window appear. There wasn't error refered to that variabile...Then I tried to do: nmake clean; qmake; nmake and the same application now works! Why this? (before I compiled with .net2003) Do I have to be worried?thanks

11th June 2006, 13:38
You don't have to be worried, it is just a Visual Studio problem and, if I remember correctly, it only appears when one your libraries depends on the code you recompile but does not have a reference set to it.

You have lib A and lib B. Lib B depends upon lib A but you do not have a dependency reference set in the project settings for lib B. Now when you recompile lib A there won't be a new lib B and thus the old lib B tries to access the new version of lib A. This can work, but usually does not and therefore leads to runtime errors.

I might be totally wrong, though, as it is a long time ago that it happened to me and then read about why it happens.