View Full Version : Loading content into QTextBrowser on demand

8th December 2009, 23:35
I have a QTextBrowser loading a fairly large file about 2 mb's and it uses too much memory and loading time is not acceptable.... :D No problem I figured...I'd find a way to append content into it as the user scrolls down and remove the old content...Sounds good in theory, but I'v failed to do it properly.......
It seems like everything I'v tried has an issue like content not lineing up etc... I thought I had it once then I zoomed the text and it was all wrong again :confused: Also I can't find a way to remove the old content... I'm sure it's out there since QT seems to have the ability to do anything. I just haven't come up with it yet...Perhaps making a type of list view model that renders html is the only option...I could append items to that with paragraphs of html in them or something and remove the list item at the top and add new ones to the bottom but I'm sure that would be just as diffacult....

Thank You!

11th December 2009, 03:38
Any Ideas?