View Full Version : QGraphicsView RubberBandDrag doesn't scroll when dragging over edge of visible area

9th December 2009, 03:43
With Qt3 "Canvas View" when doing a "rubberband selection" of many canvas items, when dragging over the edge of the visible area, the canvas view automatically scrolled, allowing the selection of additional items which were originally beyond the visible area.

Qt 4.4 Graphics View does not provide this functionality, and we really need it. We are aware that the desired selection can be made my zooming out, or by "Control-Key" clicking individual items. This really isn't sufficient.

A full illustrated description of the problem is posted on these webpages (http://cadswes2.colorado.edu/~philw/2009/bugs/4783/): http://cadswes2.colorado.edu/~philw/2009/bugs/4783/

We don't know if more recent versions of Qt4 (Qt 4.5 or Qt 4.6) provide the missing behavior. Do they? But ideally, is there anything that we can do in Qt 4.4 to accomplish this? Thank you in advance.

The image below also illustrates the problem -- see full illustration at the link above.


- Phil Weinstein, CADSWES, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA.

9th December 2009, 09:44
As far as I can see Graphics View doesn't provide autoscrolling functionality. It should be easy to implement though, so you can do it yourself.