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9th December 2009, 15:40

Hi everyone,

I am developing an application that works over tcp, i have created a QTcpSocket and connect its readyRead signal to an slot. I perform some work in the slot and i trigger different signal to an higher level. this work fine but if the server start to send several msg subsequently the comunication slow down and the signal its no trigger. After pulling out some of my hear from my head i decide to try to connect the slot to a timeout signal from timer that tick every 50 ms, with this solution(or i dont know how would you like to call it). the thing speed up but i have no idea why? could some one explain me this?.

shall i use the same solution for the serial port, and in the server side? why? why?:mad:

thanks for clearing this to me.

10th December 2009, 14:16
Hi again everybody,

I have other question, how to know when to used which type of connection for the signals and slots?

DirectConnection, // i understand this is like calling directly the slot(interrupt and perform)
QueuedConnection, //put it up and wait till there is time to perform, but continue working
AutoCompatConnection, // no idea
BlockingQueuedConnection ////put it up and wait till there is time to perform, stop flow and after is perform go on.

is like that or am I completly wrong about it?

and what about the prevoius post? can someone explain me or is possible a Qt bug?, iIreally douubt this, but i would like to know the reason.

18th December 2009, 14:36
No updates about this...