View Full Version : qgraphicsview in wince,can i don't use the float

10th December 2009, 03:59
In my application which is run in wince, I uses the graphicsview framework,

as far as i know ,the QGraphicsitem use the float variable ,Does it loss efficiency in the device which the cpu is arm,can i use the int in place of float variable,how can i do it? Should I change the source of the Qt's code?,Thanks!

10th December 2009, 04:21
I dont think theres much loss in efficiency. Graphics view is designed to handle many items.
And lets talk about float thing,, how many float values do you think one need to render ? The scene rect, the view rect, the items rect ,, all in float... rest is a matter of conversion from float to pixel,,, since finally what you see are pixels,, and not float positions. So would you gain by changing from float to int ?
Correct me if am missing something :)