View Full Version : Visual Studio Qt Add In about to be released under LPGL

10th December 2009, 11:34
Hi there,

there is a bug logged in the Nokia Bug tracker to release the Visual Studio Add In under LGPL (incl. source codes) and allow for the same open development process as the Qt Framework. If you would also like to see this happen, please vote for the following bug report:



10th December 2009, 14:22
Having the source code could be useful, but I can also see it competing with Qt's commercial version of the Qt plugin. I'm quite happy submitting bug reports to Qt rather than trying to fix them myself.

That being said, I've no problems with the community fixing them and submitting patches to Qt, but it's not exactly high on my priority list as I don't have any real problems with the plugin.

Perhaps you could suggest some reasons why you want it open source, besides the obvious? What features would you like to add, and what bugs do you encounter?