View Full Version : Get confused with QNetworkReply::setError

11th December 2009, 04:42
hi all
I'm a little bit confused with the member function QNetworkReply::setError. According to the SDK doc.

"Sets the error condition to be errorCode. The human-readable message is set with errorString.

Calling setError() does not emit the error(QNetworkReply::NetworkError) signal.

See also error() and errorString()."

Does it mean this memberfunction does not force Qt to generate error code(passed in as parameter), but only set the comprehensible error string to man? Or not?:confused:

Thank you for any good answer.

11th December 2009, 10:05
This method is intended for people that make QNetworkReply subclasses, not for "normal" users of QNetworkAccessManager.