View Full Version : Did anybody found memory leak problem in videowidget example of qt 4.6.0

14th December 2009, 10:41
I want to use qt to develop a video application. So after qt 4.6.0 released, I had test its multimedia module. I had compile run the "videowidget" and "videographicItem" examples in windows xp with visual studio 2008 , then run this applcation, open a gif file. But I found that the memory usage of the "videowidget" or "videographicImte" always increase and could not end play this gif file. I stop player, the memory usage didn't decrease. Then I choose another .mng file, the memory usage is also always increase. Did this problem is a memory leak bug? And how to fix the bug?

16th December 2009, 08:01
When I debug this application, I found that perhaps QVideoFrame class had memory leak bug. I write a simple dialog based gui application. And then add "QVideoFrame frame(800*600*3, QSize(800, 600), 800 * 3, QVideoFrame::Format_RGB24);" in dialog paintEvent handler function. The memory usage increased with application run time. But I didn't know how to fix this bug. Please help me.