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15th December 2009, 14:17
Goodday forum (trolls) and fellow Qtérs.

i am sitting with a problem. I have subclassed QAbstractListModel to show a list of items i made myself to. i put this into a QGraphicsView and everything show perfectly like i wnat to.

Now here is my problem, i add the view into a QGraphicsScene to show it. And trough ->addStyleSheet("") i make my view more neat.

But here is the problem i want to colour the items in the treeview, so i used QTreeView::item but this does not work at all. Anyone has any idea on how to make it work for me.. i use QT 4.6.0.

and i also read the doc's: http://doc.trolltech.com/4.6/stylesheet-examples.html#customizing-qtreeview but it does not work poorly.....

thanx in advance.

regards Baasie

15th December 2009, 15:55
i found out that using creator it works....but this does not fix the problem since i cannot make the itme in creator.