View Full Version : Qt...Using Events

18th December 2009, 15:24
Hello guys,I have problem with events:
" I have a QTableWidget and when I go mouse over the TabBar, it show SLOWLY gradient..."...how can I do it?
Something like in Office 2007 :) :rolleyes:

18th December 2009, 16:37
QTableWidget doesn't have a tab bar?

Try posting a pic.

18th December 2009, 20:30
It got it. But I need to catch mouse event when is the mouse on the tab bar, then it show a nice gradient....I need to do it...how?

19th December 2009, 01:38
You mean an animation? Like a flash of light going through the bar?

26th December 2009, 18:43
Yes, this I meaned.

27th December 2009, 10:41
In that case you need to subclass the bar and draw the animation yourself using QTimeLine or QTimer.