View Full Version : Virtual terminals with Qt Embedded

21st December 2009, 16:45
I tried posting this in the Qt Embedded forum but no one has responded so I thought I'd try here.

I'm using Qt-Embedded 4.5.1 on Linux using the vesafb frame buffer on an intel platform under BusyBox.

When the system boots, my application starts on the console from a line in /etc/inittab as...
::once:-/bin/sh -c "/path/app -qws"

I have the QWS_KEYBOARD set in /etc/profile as
export QWS_KEYBOARD="TTY:/dev/tty0"

The problem is that I can't switch to other virtual terminals using CTRL+ALT+F* while my application is running, or after my application exits. Any help would be appreciated.


21st December 2009, 19:56
If your application is the only one running in that terminal and you do not have getty (the login manager for the terminal), then you will need to switch between terminals through your application.

There a sysvinit scripts that will create the terminals for you and provide you with the ability you are looking for.

I might be totally mis-reading your question, but I think that is what your looking for. Let me know.