View Full Version : Using Qt webkit to communicate with services and c++ dlls

13th January 2010, 09:44

I am trying to build an HTML gui for an application of mine using QTwebkit.... The application updates its status constantly and I need to show the status of the application on the HTML page.

I am trying to find the optimal way of using QTWebKit classes so that they can communicate information, messages and events outside of the GUI environment... The communication process can go both ways, events flowing from the qwebview component to a desired DLL or service and receiving status updates an/or commands form the dll or service, translate those commands and update the GUI/HTML page accordingly.

I know how to dynamically update the HTML pages using JQuery, javescript and QWebElement to manipulate DOM elements.... However, I am still struggling with the communication process and how to route events from and to the QTWebKit based GUI.

Any hints and information is much welcomed and appreciated.

Note: the application dll and/or service is written in C++