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14th January 2010, 00:27

I am put a QWebView in a dialog window and use QWebView to display the html file which has images.

Each time, there is any change in html file, I use setContent(...) to update QWebView and use the show() to display it.

The problem is that the text is updated in display, but the images are still the same even though the image's content has changes ( filename is still the same.). I have to close the applcation and restart it so that the Qwebview can display correctly. I used function reload(), but it doesn't help.

Can anyone give some help or let me know how to force it to refresh? I ever used the right mouse click menu "reload" on QWebview, it did not help either.

Thank you!

14th January 2010, 18:31
Can anyone help?

Thank you!

19th January 2010, 23:13
Any comment is appreciated!

Thank you!

20th January 2010, 08:32
Assuming you're using 4.6, try:


21st January 2010, 00:54
I am using Qt 4.5. I seem to have to upgrade Qt if this is true.

Is there any other possible reasons?

Thank you!

21st January 2012, 14:28
I have the same problem and i tried:

webView->triggerPageAction(QWebPage::ReloadAndBypassCache); but it doesn't work.
Does anyone found a solution on this? Any help is appreciated!

Thank you