View Full Version : Eclipse woes

26th January 2010, 15:58
I tried to compile a test app on Eclipse and got this
Cannot run program "make": Launching failed

I set up the directories where all the tools are located and Eclipse is acticing as if they don't exist..arrg

10th February 2010, 16:40
I ran into the same problem on Windows. The fix seems a bit unnatural (at least not intuitive), and I hope to see a better solution in the future.

In the Start Menu, the Qt plug-in should be installed under an entry such as "Qt Eclipse Integration vX.X.X".
Within that menu folder should be found a launcher for "Start Eclipse with MinGW".

Apparently, if you want to use the Qt plug-in for Eclipse, you need to start Eclipse using the "Start Eclipse with MinGW" shortcut.

This solves the error you received for me. It launches a special Command window, not a batch file, which apparently configures and then launches Eclipse. I don't know of any other Eclipse plug-ins with this behavior.

Unfortunately, even the simple sample AddressBook project with no added code still doesn't build for me, it looks like my first error is
"tmain_win.cpp:93: undefined reference to `_Unwind_Resume'". I'm working on that, but hopefully you'll have better luck.