View Full Version : Release QT program, ?free@QVectorData@@SAXPAU1@H@Z...!

27th January 2010, 03:04
My environment: VS2008+Qt4.6.0+Win7.
The program running without problem in Debug model, however, it's failed in release model. I compiling in release mode works fine. I can even start the programm with VS. but once i go to the folder containing the executable and i try to run it i get an error:
"?free@QVectorData@@SAXPAU1@H@Z" was not found in "QtCore4.dll"

I am linking with: qtmain.lib QtCore4.lib QtGui4.lib
the problem is QVector. I don't know how to solve this problem!

27th January 2010, 06:55

it seems probelm with Qt bin path enviornment variable is not set. Now could you check debug/release project in VS has the same properties?
also check PATH enviornment variable for Qt bin directory path.

try to run application outside VS as well. if you getting the same error once check QT bin folder weather those dll are present there are not

27th January 2010, 07:00
did you use Qt Command Prompt?
If so, then please show the settings appear in the console when you start Qt Command Prompt.

27th January 2010, 08:06
I am not use Command prompt, however, qt-vs-addin-1.1.2.exe insteaded. because the debug version program can run both within VS and without VS envirionment, so I think it's not the environment variable problem, besides, it's show "... was not found in QtCore4.dll ", which indicates that the program had known the QtCore4.dll!

27th January 2010, 08:38

Have you check Qt bin folder for QtCore.dll also have u check PATH enviornment variable for the same

2nd February 2010, 04:12
Thank you for your replying, you are right, the release version program running successfuly after I added the Qt bin path to the environment variable. however, I am not understand why debug version can run without environment variable correctly initialized?

2nd February 2010, 11:56
Maybe you have other version of QtCore4.dll or QtGui4.dll somewhere in your path. I know Lyx and Miktex have them; sometimes even the dlls shipped with QtCreator could be not compatible from the ones you are linking with.