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27th January 2010, 23:29
Hi guys,

i'm trying build the MySQL plugin for qt, but i have some problems..

in accordance with this site (http://qt.nokia.com/doc/4.0/sql-driver.html#how-to-build-the-plugin-on-unix-and-mac-os-x), these are the steps:

Tell qmake where to find the MySQL header files and shared libraries (here it is assumed that MySQL is installed in /usr/local) and run make:
cd $QTDIR/src/plugins/sqldrivers/mysql
qmake -o Makefile "INCLUDEPATH+=/usr/local/include" "LIBS+=-L/usr/local/lib -lmysqlclient" mysql.pro

but, when I put "cd /Developer/Applications/Qt/plugins/sqldrivers/mysql", this is the result:


Help-me *----*

28th January 2010, 13:09

you must have downloaded qt without sources. you need to have that sqldrivers folder with sources in src/plugins directory. I tried to add that aattachment but i was not able to attach it.

You do not need complete source just that plugins folder in src is enough for you

28th January 2010, 16:30
Can you upload the plugins folder in src for me??
please *-*

28th January 2010, 20:00
in accordance with this site (http://qt.nokia.com/doc/4.0/sql-driv...x-and-mac-os-x), these are the steps:
It also says:

You need the MySQL header files and as well as the shared library libmysqlclient.so. Depending on your Linux distribution you may need to install a package which is usually called "mysql-devel"
Now, I don't know much about Mac's (besides I can't afford one...), but you should use your package manager to download the package. Or maybe get it from the MySQL website?

25th February 2010, 00:10

I am having the exact same issue.

- I have triple checked and I only see one QT installer for OS X so I am not sure how one could download QT without the source.
- I have installed mysql and I have libmysqlclient.dylib , but there is no libmysqlclient.so . Does anyone know if working with a dynamic lib in QT is much different than a shared object?

28th August 2011, 22:47
Someone could really make a easy to use installer to make this plugin.

Anyway the close thing I got to that is: http://code.google.com/p/freemedforms/source/browse/trunk/scripts/mac-create-mysql-plugin.sh

That script aims to build and place the mysql plugin. ;)

Best regards.

1st September 2011, 14:45
Aims != does :)

i wrote here many times and still got no answer or solution.
I try to compile and install MYSQL driver on Mac OS.I do the following:

1.Download MySQL for Mac OS
2.Download QT source code
3.cd /Users/myuser/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.3/src/plugins/sqldrivers/mysql
4.set namespec:

export QMAKESPEC=/Users/myuser/Downloads/qt-everywhere-opensource-src-4.7.3/mkspecs/macx-g++

5.qmake "INCLUDEPATH+=/usr/local/include" "LIBS+=-L/usr/local/lib -lmysqlclient_r" mysql.pro
6. make

7.Than i receive 94KB file libqsqlmysql.dylib
Comparing it with other drivers is too small.
I copy this file in the /plugin folder of installed QT

8.I create a new project and add to MyProject.pro QT += sql
Also #include <QtSql> to the main.cpp

9. i try this code

QSqlDatabase db = QSqlDatabase::addDatabase("QMYSQL");
bool ok = db.open();

10. i got this error

QSqlDatabase: QMYSQL driver not loaded
QSqlDatabase: available drivers: QSQLITE QODBC3 QODBC

12th February 2012, 01:34
The thread is quite old but could be very useful for someone. :)
If you followed these steps http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.0/sql-driver.html#how-to-build-the-plugin-on-unix-and-mac-os-x and had no errors/warnings,
using Qt sources and development package of MySQL , the size of the result lib it's ok (for the release one).
Point 7 : instead of a direct copy it's better a make install to be sure of the destination path.
Before the point 8 and after the install there's another step : you've to change the result lib with this cmd (you'll find it in the last rows of the script mentioned by TCB13) :

install_name_tool -change libmysqlclient.18.dylib $MYSQL_LIB/libmysqlclient.18.dylib $QT_PLUGIN_PATH/sqldrivers/libqsqlmysql.dylib

MYSQL_LIB=/usr/local/mysql/lib (normally the dft installation path for MySQL, again see the script)


MySQL client lib could change on the basis of MySQL api version (check the existent in the previous path).

After that everything'll work fine.:)