View Full Version : Looking for Qt developer near Baltimore MD/Philadelphia PA

28th January 2010, 22:43
Looking for a QT developer to collaborate on a cross-platform engineering application (linux/mac/win). Duties will include developing a heirarchical graph editing and evaluating capability. Primary customer is located north of Baltimore MD. Location visits requred to work with customer.

Candidates must have:

- Experience designing and implementing complex user interaction in Qt, particularly with QTreeView, QAbstractItemModel, and related classes.
- Experience designing and developing multi-threaded applications.
- Strong OOP C++ background
- US Citizenship
- Strong oral/written/communication skills


BS or MS degree in computer science
Experience working in agile/XP/scrum/rapid prototyping environment(s)
Experience deploying applications with Qt framework.
Experience working with 3D graphics using OpenGL, OpenSceneGraph, or NVSG/SceniX/OptiX
Experience working with GPGPU programming with CUDA and/or OpenCL
Knowledge of Java programming