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29th January 2010, 03:57
The New York based company Realtime Music Solutions, LLC (RMS) is looking
for software programmers to assist the continuing development of their
flagship software, Sinfonia, an interactive music sequencer and software

RMS is looking for programmers interested in developing music applications
and experienced in any and all of the following:

* Qt 4 application framework.
* Realtime event (MIDI) sequencers.
* MIDI i/o.
* XML.
* OSC (Open Sound Control).
* Audio i/o
* Basic digital audio processing.

Almost all of the necessary development will be done initially within the
Mac OS X environment, the target platform for the next major version of
Sinfonia (although much of the existing code is cross-platform with
Windows). Knowledge of C/C++ is required. GUI development using Qt 4 is the
most critical.

Please contact info@rms.biz for more information.