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4th February 2010, 15:50
MapView - an accelerated map viewer

Hello everyone,
I am happy to present my latest project. A map viewer which displays content from publicly available map providers.

MapView is a map viewer showing maps from online map providers.

It features hardware accelerated rendering, fast and smooth zooming and navigation. Maps can optionally be saved to the computer for offline use.

The default map provider is http://www.OpenStreetMap.org but the user can add any publicly accessible tileserver through a scripting interface.

The viewer is available for licensing in your application.
You can download it over at Qt-Prop.org (http://qt-prop.org/content/show.php/MapView?content=119701)

I'd love to hear any feedback!

Thành Viên Mới
26th February 2011, 04:15
can you send source code ?

28th April 2016, 07:54
I am using QT 5.6.0 with Qtcreator 3.6.1 on ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bits. I am trying to Find a route from openstreetMap so I have a RouteModel and a RouteQuery. I added waypoints to the Routequery, change the travelModes to RouteQuery.CarTravel and the routeOptimizations to RouteQuery.fastestRoute. And then, I dit routeModel.update().

My problem is that the status change (onStatusChanged) to undefined error. First the status is ModelRoute.loading and then the status goes to RouteModel.Error. When I print the errorString, it is written as undefined.

So how can I correct the problem ? Is there a way to obtain more information about the error ?

If I look on the application output, I can see 2 warnings but I am not sure it is the cause : qt.network.ssl: QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSLv2_client_method qt.network.ssl: QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSLv2_server_method

Do you think it could be the cause of the error ? If Yes, how to correct it ?

I used an example from QT (mapviewer) and I have the same problem with it, I can't load a route.

Thank you in advance for your answer.