View Full Version : Qt 4 commercial with Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition: Works half, debug fails

27th June 2006, 09:35
I do have access to a commercial Qt version and did some tests with Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. I know that this is not a supported environment.

There is a note at Microsofts Website how to create Win32-executables with it:


I succeded compiling an application in release mode whereas an executable with debug libraries refuses to start.

Here's the error message when compiling using debug libraries:

It says: The entry point for ?<whatever> was not found in the DLL "QtCored4.dll".

Has anyone an idea how to get debug builds run as well as release builds?

28th June 2006, 07:31
I only use VC8 Express and never had such a problem. Did you rebuild Qt with msvc2005 Express - maybe it's not possible to use qt-dll build with another msvc compiler? Did you take a look if QtCored.dll exports this function with pexports.exe (or any other tool which could show you the exports)?

QEventDispatcherWin32::closingDown() is new in 4.1.4 - is your debug lib out of date?

28th June 2006, 10:51
You use Qt together with VC 8 Express without the the plattform SDK? No, I did not build Qt using this compiler. I used the Qt 4.1.3-VC-2005 package from Trolltech.

I will do the checks suggested by you this afternoon.

Very interesting.

Edit: Looks like you are familiar with VC 2005. I have a few other question that raised during testing:

- Did you manage to get the integration work?
- Do you know a way to have classic #ifdef CLASSNAME inserted into a new class instead of #pragma once?
- Do you know how to get a class diagramm? I think this is neccessary to insert a member to a class using the GUI. Some resources on the internet say that this is not possible using express, others do.

Thanks a lot.


5th July 2006, 01:20
Hello All,
I am very green when it comes to QT and coding in general.

I will be installing QT from the book C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4 and in conjunction with Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition that I picked up from MS website.

QT states below that QT can be integrated with Visual Studio and they don't mention Express editions.

What kind of problems will I encounter?
Where is a place to go to help me solve the problems that I am likely to see when I try to run QT 4 with Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition?

Thanks in advance

From TrollTech Website
Now with Qt 4, Qt is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio, enabling Windows developers to leverage their existing skills to natively target multiple platforms from within a familiar environment.

5th July 2006, 05:38
Afaik the integration is only for the commercial version.

I don't use the commercial version and therefore can't use the integration.