View Full Version : Qt to Matlab (mat format) export data to Matlab .mat format -v4

15th March 2010, 03:57
Helllo everyone,

Do you know of a straight forward method to export a matrix (array or vector) to Matlab's mat file format, version 4 spec or newer?

For example in Octave, you can create a Matlab mat file like this:
save newfilename vector1 vector2 matrix1 -v4

Any help or leads will be greatly appreciated!

16th March 2010, 00:56
I dont think there's a straight forward method, but I think octave is opensource, not sure, if so you can check the source code.

16th March 2010, 19:20
will you be running your Qt app on a machine with matlab installed? If so, why don't you invoke the matlab engine?

11th February 2011, 02:17
There's a C library for that: http://sourceforge.net/projects/matio/
I'm about to test it.

26th February 2013, 20:01
How to use matio under Windows 7 and Qt5?