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20th January 2006, 14:04
Hello all,

At the moment I'm using microsoft would like to be able to run on good operating systems.

I'm using a COM server above a big bunch of software to control a machine. I'm using COM because that way I can have multiple applications simultaneously use the machine.
Putting it another way, I can have only one instance of my software running but I need to let several apps access it.

Can I achieve the same thing with Qt?

I think this is the same as asking - Can I realise remote procedure calling in Qt?
Can I then do RPC over a network? (that'd be verry handy too!)
Do I get caught up in protocols? (I think if I want to use soap I'll get lost interpreting function calls and their parameters. I have hundreds of function calls with all sorts of parameters)

what's the best thing for a job like this?

All your thoughts would be very appreciated....


20th January 2006, 14:55
You might try CORBA: http://www.trolltech.com/products/solutions/catalog/3/Utilities/qtcorba/

20th January 2006, 16:02
Qt is a GUI toolkit, that with time grew to support additional stuff like a bit of network, and with Qt4 you can also write specifically console applications.
So I think your question has no meaning, in the sence, that using COM has nothing to do with basing your application on Qt or not.
If what you need is a crossplatform solution, then KORBA might be a solution, but its slower then native solutions.
If however you dont need a crossplatform solution, there is nothing to prevent you from using COM along a Qt based application.
Qt based applciation is nothing more then a C++ (if that is what you use) application that can use COM just like any other application.