View Full Version : OCI Driver in Qt4 for Windows

14th July 2006, 14:18

i've now installing qt4 (4.1.4 OpenSource) on windows and i need developing some with oracle DB.
I've read in manual, that in $QTDIR\src\plugins\sqldrivers must be oci folder. But in my folder src\plugins\sqldrivers not exist this folder. Where is problem ? Why i haven't this oci folder ?
This is listing of my sqldrivers directory:
07/14/2006 01:37p <DIR> .
07/14/2006 01:37p <DIR> ..
07/14/2006 01:37p <DIR> ibase
07/14/2006 01:37p <DIR> mysql
07/14/2006 01:37p <DIR> odbc
07/14/2006 01:37p <DIR> psql
07/14/2006 01:37p <DIR> sqlite
07/14/2006 01:37p <DIR> sqlite2
06/19/2006 12:45p 231 qsqldriverbase.pri
06/19/2006 12:45p 231 README
06/19/2006 12:45p 400 sqldrivers.pro

14th July 2006, 14:41
AFAIR Oracle driver is only available with commercial Qt.

14th July 2006, 14:43
hmmm.. greatly