View Full Version : A Qt4 editor part with syntax highlighting and stuff?

22nd January 2006, 11:54
Hey there,

I'm looking for a Qt editor part with syntax highlighting and all the other stuff you would expect from a code editor which can easily be integrated into another app.
I had a look at QScintilla, but apart of not supporting Qt4 it's not that powerful.

Suggestions, anyone?


22nd January 2006, 16:02
A lot of discussion about this has already been made in the thread http://www.qtcentre.org/forum/showthread.php?t=174 maybe you should take a look there to see if there are any answers

22nd January 2006, 16:22
Yes I have read that thread but a discussion of how to implement an editor part and about the lack of a Qt4 port of QScintilla ist not too helpful for me as I already knew that and asked for ready-to-use alternatives. ;)

22nd January 2006, 16:32
I guess there are no such editors yet, Michael... KDE probably makes one, but it won't be available until KDE 4 comes out... Maybe you should implement such an editor? ;)