View Full Version : Designer crashes when selecting some widgets

20th July 2006, 16:07
Hello, I am using Qt Open Source 4.1.4. and the Designer.

I designed a custom widget and would like to use it in the Designer, so i created a plugin for it. It looked to work quite well, as .dll and .a files are created. I put both files in the plugins/designer directory and Designer load the custom Widget at startup.

The problem is Designer crashes when I click on the custom widget to insert it. The very weird thing is that Designer also crashes when I want to select any widget from Arthur Widget [Demo], Display Widgets [examples] and Qt3 support.:eek:

Does anybody have any idea of what is hapening ? I tried to found somebody with a similar problem but i feel like i'm the only one.

20th July 2006, 16:24
It souds like your custom plugin is buggy.
Take it out of the plugins directory and see if your designer still crashes, if not, its the problem for sure.

20th July 2006, 16:27
ok, I try to remove right now and test the others custom widgets

20th July 2006, 16:33
Nope, it doesn't work !
I removed my own plugin from the directory but selecting a Q3 Support widget keeps making Designer crash

21st July 2006, 13:18
take out any custom widget plugins you have in the designer directory, if it still crashes then you might have a Qt build problem (which would be really strage)