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6th January 2006, 01:36
Maybe I am missing something in my installation, but in KDevelop there doesn't seem to be a template for 'generic Qt based application' or 'Qt Designer based application' only the KDE based counter parts which is kind of annoying since I am trying to keep all of my code as portable as possible. Any suggestions?
I am getting tired of using Kate and vi as my only IDE's lol (not that they are not GREAT tools, but, uh, it would be nice to have a 'compile' button ;-) )


6th January 2006, 01:44
There is a "Show all project templates" switch in "New project" dialog of KDevelop. Maybe you need to switch it on?

Then you should also see the "QMake project" subsection in "C++" section and you can choose from one of the two Qt project types (either a simple qmake based application or a full featured GUI Qt application).

6th January 2006, 02:01
Yep there they are! I had clicked the show all templates button before and looked at the list for, like, 30 minutes and didn't even see that there!

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10th January 2006, 11:12
Do you have kde-sdk packet installed?