View Full Version : Resize handling of frameless window

2nd June 2010, 19:52
Hi guys, I have question: When I have frameless window, How can I write resize Handler for this window ?

2nd June 2010, 19:56
Solution 1: implement the mouse events of your frameless window. This might not be what you want though
Solution 2: add a resize widget to your window. Place one in the right bottom corner for example. Use it to resize your window using the mouse events of this widget.

2nd June 2010, 20:03
I am looking into QSkinWindow and there is class named as QResizeHandler... which is child of QObject...but there is no class implementation just header...but is it encapsulated in:

#ifndef QT_NO_RESIZEHANDLER // It means, that window is frameless...

2nd June 2010, 20:05
What is QSkinWindow? It's not part of the standard Qt api ?

2nd June 2010, 20:07
No, not...look on this forum, (it was wroten by kernel_panic) as QSkinWindow or QSkinObject...


It is a "WidgetResizeHandler"...

2nd June 2010, 21:48
Nothing? No idea?