View Full Version : Adding custom widget to an existing layout

3rd June 2010, 07:34
Hi all , thanks in advance for any advise...

I have a widget I created in designer, a few QLineEdit and QLabel aranged in a QGridLayout. I need to add this QWidget to an existing QGridLayout at a specific row,column.

this->BlockCacheUI=new pqSQBlockCacheWidget;

The last line produces

QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to pqSQBOVMetaReader "pqSQBlockCacheWidget", which already has a layout

I have tried a few variations with out luck. What exactly is the problem? I have seen nested grid layouts before... How might I insert this custom widget into the existing grid layout?

22nd June 2010, 18:29
I am also having difficulty getting a widget to appear. Any luck?