View Full Version : How get the list of usb devices

4th June 2010, 14:17
Hello all,

i want to get the list of usb devices from the windows system.

I don know Win 32 programming and all.

I don have any idea to solve my problem.

I have searched code for that.

But i cant find anything.

please help me with the code i can try with....

Any help would be grate for me

4th June 2010, 18:52
I thought you just wanted the PID/VID that was plugged in last?

In any case, you already have the code and you know why it only lists the first one...

5th June 2010, 06:24
Hello friend...

Actually i need to get all the devices plugged into the system.

because i do functions based on events

if any device is plugged already , i cant able to figure out really that what are the devices are plugged using my current implementation of my code.

so i have to get the list of devices form the system

i am looking for help here