View Full Version : Qt based Apache Module???

7th June 2010, 16:42
I am currently using Qt to develop the front end of one of the modules in my solution. The solution is currently using Apache with SQLite as the backend. The requirements calls for supporting multiple databases, so a solution needs to be found to allow the Apache module (all C/C++ code) to access multiple databases. Qt seems to be a perfect candidate, except for the fact that both Apache and Qt have their own memory management systems.

Has anyone ever tried and either succeeded or failed to make a Qt based Apache Module?


8th June 2010, 10:15
Qt doesn't have its own memory management system. It's a C++ library like any other and all rules applying to C++ code apply to Qt as well.

20th August 2011, 11:08

I'm very interested to do this and already I study on this :

first for support C++ module (mod_cpp on sf.net),
second Qt-based on this C++ support.

If you are interested to this work please mail me to prepare a plan for doing this.

Milad Rezaei,
B.S. of Sharif university of Technology.