View Full Version : Move Window beyond screen border

10th June 2010, 22:23
I have a fairly simple question I cannot find a solution for: I want to move a window out of the visible screen area. My first try was using

move (-100,0);

Unfortunately this does not work - the window only moves to (0,0). Only when I drag the window manually over the screen border, let's say to (-10,0) and then call move(-100,0) the window will actually move to (-100,0)!

Is there any possibility to solve this? What I finally want to is create a fullscreen GUI and fade out single "views" to the left by moving the respective widget out of the visible are. Maybe there is a better way of doing that?

10th June 2010, 22:39
See the other thread: http://www.qtcentre.org/threads/5655-QWidgte-move%28int-x-int-y%29-beyond-the-screen-boundaries

11th June 2010, 11:39
Using the Qt::X11BypassWindowManagerHint flag solved the problem for me! Thanks for you hint to the window manager system!