View Full Version : QHelpEngine, cannot open qhc file

11th June 2010, 08:20

i have an application which contains online help by using QHelpEngine. The help context is shown in a text browser.
I create the help engine by the following code

myHelpEngine = new QHelpEngine("file.qhc");
if (!myHelpEngine->setupData())
emit setError(3, 160, myHelpEngine->error());

If I run the applikation on a PC were Qt is installed everything works fine. But if run it on a PC were no Qt is installed, I got the error message "Cannot open collection file: file.qhc".

Could anybody tell me what i have to install in addition, to use QHelpEngine?

11th June 2010, 15:05
QtHelp may require some plugins shipped with Qt. Check out your plugins folder and set the correct paths or try Copying the entire plugins Directory to your Application path.