View Full Version : Communication with USB

12th June 2010, 09:59

I like to have some ideas about the following problem....

I have a usb connected instrument which have the data. I have to send a signal to the instrument ( some HEX message) and then it will send me the acknowledgement. After receiving the acknowledgement, if I send a specific instruction then it will send me the data which I have to read and show in a different formats.

Can anybody give me an example how to communicate via USB?

Thanks in advance.

The project have to run in windows OS.


12th June 2010, 16:11
I think that this instrument have a device driver which gives You some API.

13th June 2010, 01:19
Typically, your instrument will come with documentation and at least one example of how to use some functionality. We know nothing about your device so can't tell you how to communicate with it.