View Full Version : IconView Problem

23rd January 2006, 12:28
Hei Guys, i have a slight problem with IconView, i have a window with 2 icons in it. Both are non-dragable and non-moveable. the thing is, whenever i select an icon the highlight becomes solid (non-transparent) Have anybody experience this issue? Thanks in advance

Soryy should have mention this ealier. I am using QT4.1.0 on a windows XP platform. Thanks again

24th January 2006, 12:37
Can you give me a screenshot of this?

25th January 2006, 03:34
62 this is the image when the icon is not selected.
63 this is how the icon looks like when it is selected.

Pls forgive me if the image size is big. I am rather new to this image editting thing.

Many Thanks in advance.